Australian Standard Agriculture

Agricultural Asset Identification

When working with our clients, the Australian Standard Agriculture team must know and diligently consider the strategic requirements of our client, their aspirations, goals and needs.  These basic insights must be clearly understood and considered before any asset can be identified or evaluated.  In other cases there may be a need for our team to work with our clients to potentially develop or maybe even just refine their strategic objectives prior to asset identification. 

However when it comes to actually identifying selected assets or operations, Australian Standard Agriculture is fortunate to have a wide variety of resources and networks through which to rapidly locate quality opportunities.  The depth and breadth of these resources are as varied as the industries within which we have operated…..cattle, sheep, dairy, pork, wool, broadacre cropping, fishing & aquaculture, horticulture, wine & viticulture, even within the thoroughbred horse industry.....the list is long and varied.

But whilst we have delivered many solutions to many of our clients, we have also been the first to walk away from numerous opportunities.  If we do not feel a transaction is in the best interests of our client then we will be clear in this message - even though it may not be what the client wishes to hear.  It is important to us that our clients are successful, and successful enough to be long term clients and as much our biggest source of referral business.  Their success is our success!!   

Agricultural Consulting

Our team of advisors and associated professionals have a longstanding history of assisting clients across a variety of strategic needs.  From acquisitions & divestments, to succession, restructuring, marketing, investment, or even product development.  The broad range of skills at our disposal enables a complete and robust outcome.

And whilst our team has been associated with significant institutional and corporate clients, it is critical that we have also been involved with many family owned, managed and operated enterprises.  These experiences span the breadth of production, processing, distribution and marketing.  Add investment, both inward and out, international trade, finance and foreign exchange, and you can see the level of experience and skills our group can call upon.

Project Management

The Australian Standard Agriculture team can structure their services dependent totally on needs of their client - daily management, operational oversight, project specific optimisation or improving production efficiency...

Again, being able to call upon both professional expertise and a network of industry participants (including many producers) is critical.  In doing so our team is encompassing "real" skills rather than those who depict theoretical outcomes, outcomes that never actually materialise in commercial operation. 

At the end of the day, the ultimate reason we exist is due to our ability to truly add value to our clients in achieving their goals and aspirations, irrespective of the circumstances.   

Due Diligence

With an extensive background and sound knowledge of Australian agriculture, our advisers and associated professionals assist clients in reviewing prospective mergers or acquisitions, be they commercial enterprises or simply standalone assets.  Operational, industry, legal, tax and financial due diligence can all be coordinated to identify and manage the various advantages, opportunities and risks of any potential transaction.    

Our team has experience in projects ranging from small, singular assets through to diverse, highly complex takeovers, including publicly listed entities.  Individual transactions vary in value from millions of dollars through to hundreds of millions, and our members can honestly boast to have been directly involved in several of Australia's most significant agricultural transactions in recent years.

With an astute team of professional service providers, Australian Standard Agriculture has the experience to identify, coordinate and structure transactions that successfully fulfil our clients needs.

Market Development & Trade

Australian Standard Agriculture is fortunate to maintain a strong and expanding network throughout Asia.

Using this network, our team has been called upon to assist in the establishment of selected supply chain infrastructure and advise around distribution and logistics.  This has created natural opportunities to assist and work with our clients on building new markets.  It is our intention to expand this service moving forward.

Our primary focus in the first instance surrounds Australian beef, however seafood, grains and other commodities are already being considered.