Australian Standard Agriculture

Australian Quality, Australian Standard

Australian farmers are different to those in many parts of the world.

Australian farmers do not receive subsidies, and they often are forced to trade their production in an open domestic market against lesser quality products.  Yet when they look offshore they are often confronted with environments, markets and producers protected by tariffs, import duties or taxes.  This means many offshore producers have a competitive "head start" against Australian producers.  Many trade freely into Australia's domestic market, whilst their own markets are insulated.  This all means the Australian producer has learnt to survive in tough conditions, both climactically and in a market sense.  

Thus, reflected by our name, Australian Standard Agriculture stands proudly for quality, Australian quality.  Production that is some of the cleanest and greenest on the planet, whilst also globally competitive and environmentally sustainable.

Australian Standard Agriculture seeks to highlight Australian farm production across the spectrum of agricultural operations and distribution.  In turn we strive to develop new markets, new opportunities, new supply chains for Australian produce - produce that Australian farmers pride themselves upon and for which many of their competitors aspire.  "Australian Quality, Australian Standard…..".